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Coding challenges, see of you can crack it

Coding challenges, see of you can crack it

If you want to enhance your skills of codes, then you need to solve the coding challenges.  If you solve various types of puzzles and challenges then you can be a good problem solver. You can get a nice chance to learn the particulars of a programming language and you can get ready for the job interview well. Here we have listed a few sites where you can get some of the popular coding challenges.


This is a nice forum where you can learn the programming.  Here you can get a whole list of algorithmic challenges. You can solve them yourselves online. They will sometimes offer single round games where you will play it with others and see who comes first.  Those who learn programming here become competitive programmers.


This forum provides more than 200 coding challenges that can be solved directly online. You can select any one language from ten options. There are different levels from easy to difficult and you can choose your own level. There will also be a big series of introductory videos and algorithm tutorial. This forum will also help you to prepare for your interview well. You can also get to see the solutions those are given by other users of this form. This will help you to do a comparative study.

Project Euler

This forum gives a huge series of challenges and the subject will be maths and computer science. These challenges cover writing down a small sized programme in order to find out a solution for a challenging maths formula. For example they will ask you to find total of digits of all numbers foregoing all numbers present in the range. You will not be able to code directly on the site but you have to write down the solution on your laptop and then give the solution on the site. Means you can copy and paste it.


This is a forum that gives codingchallenges for various domains like SQL, maths, etc.  Thesechallenges can be solved directly online. You will also get a chance to discuss with other users on this platform. Most of the challenges are there with a tutorial that talks about the challenge itself and it will tell you how can you approach to the problem and find out a solution. You can see only your solution on the site. You will also be able to submit some applications and also apply for any jobs but for that you need to solve some challenges those are given by big companies.


CodeChef is a website that is Indian based and you will get a huge variety of challenges here. You can write code there and see some other challenges those are available in various types. There will also be a big community of the coders those are linked to the forums.


This platform is very much similar to the first one and here you will see a wide range of coding challenges those are sponsored by big corporates.  This is the way you can get a chance to get a good job with thesecorporates but for that you need to solve the challenges successfully/. The corporates can give some challenges and also take some competition in order to do some recruitment.


This is a very good platform that has a big and varied series of coding challenges those are given by them. These can be solved on site directly in the section provided by them. There are many languages available and you can choose a language as per your choice. After you are done, you will be able to see the solution as well as the discussion on the same forum.


LeetCodeis apopular platform that has more than 190 challenges. These aretechnical challenges and you will be able to prepare for the technical job well.  You cannot see the solutions solved by others. You will get a statistics of your solution. This is a platform that also offers you a mock interview session. There will also be some coding quizzes.


This is Sphere Online Judge that offers more than 20 thousands of coding challenge. This platform has own contests and quizzes and there will be an area that is only for the user where they will be able to discuss about the challenges.  They also offer some solutions and tutorials that will help you to understand better and prepare for your interview session.


This platform is different from other websites as this gives you a chance to participate in the code for the game that can be played online directly. There will be a big list of games that you can play there. Along with the games there will be tests, descriptions, discussion etc. there will also be an editor and you can write your ode there. You can choose from more than 20 programming languages. This platform is not just like the regular competitive programming websites. This is very famous among the programmers who love to solve some challenges. This list talks about several things, like Google search and articles. There are also some other forms and platforms where you will be able to see what websites are indorsed by the users.

If you want to get a good job, then just learn these coding challenges and you can improve your chances of getting a very good job. It will be truly a fun to solve them and take part in the contest.

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