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 Importance of NCERT Books for UPSC Exam   

Get ready to join in the big battle of your life, the UPSC Exam. Every year, over 8lac candidates apply for the UPSC examination. But only the Best of the best can crack the final round and selected for the job. The central Govt. only choose the best one, so the selection process is also tough enough. So you need great preparation to pass the exam. Though you will get unlimited study material from net, like Mock Test, Ebook, Question Banks, but still that will not be enough to crack the toughest exams like UPSC. The best is to start the preparation by your own, hence, it is also not so easy thing, but if you can do this that will really help you a lot. You just need to be more careful while selecting the books for UPSC.

Why NCERT Books are Important for the UPSC exam?

For your self assessment and preparation, nothing can beat the NCERT Books for UPSC Exam. Here we are presenting you the resources data and notes for your UPSC exams. Actually, the importance of NCERT Books for UPSC Exam, is really effective. It is important because

  • On the UPSC exam, you may get some common question from the text books of NCERT.
  • For the basic understanding and depth knowledge NCERT book is best!
  • From the NCERT Books you will only get the authentic and genuine as well as updated questions.
  • The books are written in simple language so that any student can understand that.
  • NCERT book is designed as per the pattern of UPSC examination, so no other book can guide you better than this one.
  • In every year minimum 40 to 50 questions definitely asked from the book of NCERT.
  • If you are able to complete one book for prelims, you can definitely attend the main exams also.
  • Attending UPSC exams means, a vast ocean of study material and resources, so only the NCERT books can help you to plan the study so that you can be focused on your study only.
  • If you are confused with the optional paper, which should be the right one for you, then studying those books will help you to write an optional paper for you.

But before preparing, you have to know the tricks and the techniques of reading the NCERT books, here in our website you will get the names of the best books ever, that will help you to crack the exams.

  1. NCERT Old History Books for Class XI and XII: This book is highly recommended for your UPSC exam. The well known historians Bipin Chandra and Arjun Dev, have written this book, which covers all the important History in an appropriate chronological order.
  2. NCERT Old Geography Books for Class XI and XII: Next book which is mentioned here is the NCERT Old Geography Books for Class XI and XII. This book is brilliantly decorated with the crafted figures and explained each concept very well, so that a beginner can also understand the topics.
  3. Introduction to Indian Art: This book contains the story of Indian old Art and Modern Architecture. While reading this book, you will get a clear concept of Indian culture. So try to focus on the given diagram of the NCERT books.
  4. Indian Polity by Laxminath: If you are serious about the exam, then don’t forget to revise this book Indian Polity by Laxminath. It is one of the updated book which help you to score well in the exam.
  5. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh: Indian Economy, always a matter of discussion, no none of the book can explain this better than this one. Every chapter covered the concept of Indian Economy, its terms and aspects. So this book is just perfect for attempting the prelim exam.

Do you know how to study the books of NCERT?

NCERT is highly recommended book, which helps you to crack your dream exam, UPSC. But before start reading you should know how to read this book. As you know this exam is not like any school, college or University exam, so the rules of preparing is also different. So here we go.

  • First of all, have a look on the whole book properly and read all the NCERT book chapter wise.
  • While reading the books, make sure that you are able to understand each and every part, though the language is simply written, but still your self assessment is necessary.
  • After ending the each chapter, you will get a practice set, like exercise, so just go for it, attempt and solve the questions.
  • The best thing is, after completing all the mentioned proses, try to make your own notes. This one really works for self assessment and this note will be easy to recall as it is your own words.

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