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NCERT Solutions for Class 7th: Meadow Surprises (Poem) Honeycomb English

NCERT Solutions for Class VII English : Meadow Surprises (Poem) Honeycomb

By Lois Brandt Philips

Page No: 124

Working with the Poem

1. Read the lines in which the following phrases occur. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

(i) velvet grass
(ii) drinking straws
(iii) meadow houses
(iv) amazing mound
(v) fuzzy head


(i) Velvet grass – the grass which is as soft as velvet.

(ii) drinking straws – The long narrow tube by which butterfly gets nectar from the flower.

(iii) meadow houses – habitats or home of animals like burrows in the ground, nests and ant’s mound.

(iv) fuzzy head – dandelion flowers which are covered by soft fibers like hair.

2. Which line in the poem suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow? Read aloud the stanza that contains this line.


The line in the poem suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow

“Oh! Meadows have surprises
And many things to tell;
You may discover these yourself,
If you look and listen well.”

3. Find pictures of the kinds of birds, insects and scenes mentioned in the poem.


Students should do this by themselves. They can collect the pics of butterfly, rabbit, ants, birds etc.

4. Watch a tree or a plant, or walk across a field or park at the same time everyday for a week. Keep a diary of what you see and hear. At the end of the week, write a short paragraph or a poem about your experiences. Put your writing up on the class bulletin board.


Students should do this by themselves.

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